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2012   AUGUST

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The Woldorf School in Tartu, Estonia is a general education facility that serves 12 grade levels. They pride themselves on a coherence of teaching that focuses on human wholeness. This is implemented by teaching their students to be more than academics but to act as a community resources which promotes a life of self-development and community involvement. Our approach centered on this theme of community outreach and student wholeness.

The circular shape of the building embodies the value of lifelong self development that is centrally focused on a courtyard space that mimics the self-examination that the students learn through the course of their education. the rooftop park and community playground in the center of the building act as an embodiment of the school's message of observing how students can serve the greater Tartu community while the playground seeks to bring the public into the school encouraging a symbiotic relationship between the two entities.

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