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2013   MARCH


​Recently, Chris Richards took the day giving back to the Kansas City community volunteering for Eco Abets 2012 Winter Charrette. This year’s project was in benefit to CultivateKC, a local non-profit that helps people learn to grow, eat, and sell healthy food in our city neighborhoods. The charrette consisted of developing a schematic design and some images that the charitable organization could use to raise funding for their project. Below, you can see two of the images that were produced as a result of this design effort. For more information regarding the charrette and the organization, please visit HERE. Our design focused on using an affordable and durable pre-manufactured green house and the planting shed would draw energy from solar panels and will be built using straw bales as the thermal insulator. The parking area for the structure will be built using drivable grass pavers and to gather water on the site, two rain barrels would be installed. We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of this building as the design develops.

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