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Since its creation in 1984, Tompkins Architects, has dedicated itself to providing design and construction consulting services in a distinctive professional manner. Our dedication has resulted in our clients receiving quality facilities at economical costs.

We, at Tompkins Architects, have specialized in the design of facilities for the Institutional and commercial community. We have developed architectural design programs and systems specifically to increase the quality and decrease the costs of capital expenditure building programs.

Tompkins Architects a team of experienced and proven professionals who specialize in architectural design services. Every member of our group has front-line experience formulating and designing projects of all sizes, uses and degrees of difficulty. We are successful in our methods of solving problems in a timely and efficient manner, assuring that the project is completed to its maximum potential.

Responsiveness is a vital element in our profession and we pride ourselves on the detailed attention we give to our clients.

Tompkins Architects offers a total architectural services package which protects the client through every step of the design and construction process, starting at the pre-design phase and continuing through the design, construction and operational start-up phases of the project.

The Tompkins team offers a complete range of architectural design services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client and project. Our group combines professional knowledge, experience, and sophisticated technology to control a projects design and quality.

Integrity, efficiency and a positive approach to problem solving define Tompkins Architects design style.

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